Design Mechanistic Consulting :

Why aren’t you where you want to be?

Often it’s not ‘technical’ skill that holds someone back. There is an implicit ceiling that stands between those with technical ability only and those that are able to manage the constraints and challenges of politics, forming alliances, dealing with difficult people, building a team and everything else that makes things happen.

Those are the skills that differentiates the average from the effortlessly extraordinary.

When was the last time you felt completely comfortable taking on a tough project at work? Or going into an interview for that position you have waited for? Or felt calm and collected walking into a meeting with all the senior people in your team/company? When last did you feel at ease, confident and in control of where you want to be?

If that doesn’t describe you, we should talk.

I specialise in teaching strategic and tactical approaches to dealing with the soft, fuzzy, uncomfortable side of building a person’s career. That means teaching you how to navigate any political landscape with ease and handle stressful situations with pose and calm. That includes covering scenarios such as:

We spend 8 hours and more at work everyday. When you calculate that over a lifetime it represents a huge chunk of our lives. It’s not supposed to be painful, awkward and frustrating. You are not mean to wake up and feel less confident, less capable and worn away.

Don’t settle for that.

Let’s get started: